A family-run business supplying quality fresh Deer venison locally.


All of our meats are:

  • Ethically sourced by ourselves as a byproduct of our conservation & crop protection work. 
  • Wild, sustainable, healthy (it’s one of the leanest, heart-healthiest meats available) and 100% traceable.
  • Obtained/sourced by ourselves, inspected & declared “fit for human consumption” with animals that don’t meet our standards (poor health, disease, etc.) being rejected from the food chain. 
  • Trained hunter status and Wild game meat handling certification held by ourselves.
  • Registered food business with local authority.
  • All butchery and packaging carried out by ourselves to a high standard. Quality assured and guaranteed.
  • Pre-butchered to your requirements. Local delivery available. 

We don’t have a continuous supply due to the nature of our work, therefore don’t store the final product for extended periods of time. As such, advance orders are greatly appreciated.

For all enquiries, orders & current stock please call 07399875717 / 07956561240 or fill in the enquiry form below.

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