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We are a small family run business which offers fox pest control in North Finchley N12. Our team provides professional pest control services in North London. We employ specialised fox deterrent techniques to stop foxes coming to your garden, playing fields, schools, golf courses, garden centres, parks. For a free quote please call us on 07956 561 240 or fill in our instant quote form below.

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Pest Control Prices in North Finchley

As each job is different, with many governing factors which affect the price such as the pest species, size of the property, magnitude of infestation, accessibility and number of required visits (to name a few). Each and every job is priced individually. As Bover’s is a small Pest Control company We are in most cases much cheaper than other larger competitors. All quotations are FREE of charge and no-obligation so contact us today.


Dead Fox Removal North Finchley

We are specialists in dead fox removals. For a free quote please call us on 07956 561 240  or fill in our instant quote form below. 

Wе offer local dead fox removal service for residential or business owners. Our pest technicians can collect and safely dispose of dead foxes or any other pests which are on your property.


24 Hour Emergency Fox Control North Finchley Helpline

If you require a rapid response service please call us on 07956 561 240


Simple steps for getting rid of foxes from your Garden

We have many years of experience in fox control and can help you with fox control – fast and easily. If you need our help to get rid of foxes from your garden, follow the steps below.

  1. Fill in our instant quote form
  2. We will arrange a visit to set up the deterrents and traps
  3. A follow up visit to confirm that the problem is solved
  4. No more foxes in your garden!

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Why is it necessary to control foxes in North Finchley?

Foxes carry a whole host of disease & parasites

The most common are:

  • Mange – caused by the itch mite (Sarcoptes scabiei) which burrow into the skin. This is the same mite which causes scabies in humans and is also transferrable to pets (cats & dogs.
  • Toxocariasis – The most common disease they can transmit is toxocariasis from the roundworm (Toxocara Canis). The worms produce eggs which are then released in the faeces of infected animals and contaminate soil.

Foxes can cause extensive damage to sporting grounds and gardens etc. with digging and burrowing.

The urban fox is becoming less wary of humans and will on occasion venture into homes in North Finchley.

Foxes naturally see pets such as rabbits, chickens etc. as a source of food and can have a devastating effect once within coops, hutches etc.

Foxes will foul areas to mark their territory, often inconspicuous places.

Why Need Fox Control in North Finchley

Pest Control in North Finchley

rectify a fox problem?
Fox Control in London
rectify a fox problem?
Fox Control in London

What can be done to rectify a fox problem in North Finchley?

Firstly, we would carry out a survey (often at no charge) to ascertain the magnitude of the problem.

Quite often it is possible to rectify the problem without the destruction of any foxes. This would usually be in the form of proofing or simply removing the attraction for them.

Culling by the means of shooting is the most effective, humane method. This is more suited to larger areas, such as playing fields, schools, golf courses, garden centres, parks etc..

This is carried out by trained professional licenced marksmen.

As safety is paramount, not all places are suitable for the use of firearms and quite often live capture traps are used instead and the fox humanely dispatched within it.

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