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We at Bovers offer a solution to your mole problem with the use of spring traps.

We offer mole control in gardens, sports grounds, etc.

Mole control

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  • Moles don’t carry disease but are considered a pest as they will ruin gardens, sports pitches etc.
  • Digging tunnels in search of food (earthworms, insect larvae & slugs) they deposit the excavated soil on the surface and form mole hills. Numerous mole hills do not necessarily mean an abundance of moles as one mole can build up to six hills a day.
  • Deterrents are widely available and none of them are proven to work.
  • The best methods for mole control are the use of spring traps (which will kill the offending moles instantly) or gassing (a service which we do not currently offer).


Call Bovers free on 07956561240 for a no obligation quotation regarding mole treatment in Barnet. Often same day treatments available.

Why Choose Our Pest Control Services?

We will survey your premises to establish the extent of the pest problem, locate any likely entry points for the pests and then decide on the method required to eradicate the problem. This could be via traps, poison baits, shooting, insecticides or other methods and may require just one or numerous visits to have the job completed successfully.

Aside from our obvious abilities in pest removal, we can also assure you that we are punctual, polite, friendly, professional and always clean up any mess that the removal may have caused before leaving.


Bovers Pest Control is:

  • A small family run (Father & Son) long established business that prides itself on its reputation.
  • Able to offer services at a more affordable rate than what will be found at larger competitors.
  • Fully insured, RSPH (Royal Society of Public Health) level 2 trained, up to date training via BASIS PROMPT, Deer stalking level 2 certificate holders & current EFAW+F.
  • Available 7 days a week (most of the time).

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  • Tel: 079 5656 1240
  • Same day call back within 1 hour
  • Open: 7 Days a week including after hours
  • Some quotations are available over the phone
  • A full, on-site survey may be required in more complicated cases
  • All treatments are carried out professionally
  • Multiple visits may be necessary until your problem is resolved
  • Experts in proofing to avoid future infestations

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