North London Pest Proofing!

Proofing is in all essence, preventing access (by physical means) to pests into your property, grounds etc. Which comes in many forms.

Our pest control specialists have a detailed understanding of pests behaviour along with knowledge on favoured entry routes, as well as previous experience in the building trade.

This enables us to be in best place for proofing solutions.

Blocking entry points into homes and outbuildings.
Usually consisting of mesh grills, mesh, steel wool with foam, repairs to brickwork and drains.

Spikes, netting, wires, repairs to the fabric of buildings and fire gel.

Fencing, mesh and one-way flaps.

Fly screening and EFK’s (electronic fly killers).


Why Choose Our Pest Removal Services?

Our services are always performed by highly trained and experienced pest removal experts. They will be able to rid your property of the various common pests in the UK and also proof your property to prevent pest invasions from happening in the first place.

We will survey your premises to establish the extent of the pest problem, locate any likely entry points for the pests and then decide on the method required to eradicate the problem. This could be via traps, poison baits, shooting, insecticides or other methods and may require just one or numerous visits to have the job completed successfully.

Aside from our obvious abilities in pest removal, we can also assure you that we are punctual, polite, friendly, professional and always clean up any mess that the removal may have caused before leaving.

  • Efficient, clean and personal services.
  • Fully licensed and insured.
  • Cheaper services compared to larger companies.
  • Highly experienced and trained pest removal specialists.
  • Rapid response service available 24/7

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