Major Muntjac Problem

We used to have a major Muntjac problem within our woodland, that was until we contacted Bover’s. That was 18 months ago. With regular visits, Tony has managed to trim the population down to an acceptable level (also supplying my family with venison) and is now maintaining the numbers when required.

Mouse Problem

I contacted Bovers agreed a price over the phone with regards to a mouse problem. They attended on time, same day and dealt with my problem over the course of two visits. I’m very impressed.

Wasp Nest Removal

“I was so amazed by how efficient Tony from Bover’s is. My little girl had been stung by a wasp and I called him in a panic after realising there was a wasps nest in my garden. He came and dealt with it within three hours!”

Foxes in Garden

“I was being kept awake by foxes who were ruining my garden and making a racket at night. Bovers were able to deal with the problem quickly and efficiently and for a very fair price.”